Data Visualization

New year wishes

First we thank all our employees as they make us a trustworthy and successful company year after year, day after day. Thanks to their spirit and contributions, they helped our customers to become successful and more data driven.

Wishing them, our customers and our blog readers a happy and healthy new year.

Let’s reflect on a few important focus points of the past year.

  • As a tool agnostic company we always keep an eye on the technology evolutions of the BI tools and platforms.  The past year we have gained more expertise in the most popular BI tools as PowerBI, Tableau, Qlik, … and obtained extra certificates in these technologies.  We also investigated the recent evolutions of BI tools of the cloud providers on the market: Looker and Quicksight.  This expertise and knowledge will help us to provide the best BI solution for our customer needs.
  • We have installed competence centers to materialize the team’s knowledge and expertise.  This will help us to keep our BI and analytical competences on the appropriate levels to ensure successful contributions to the customer projects.  With the competence centers, we have a guaranteed focus on technology trends and input for our reference architecture.
  • New colleagues will be brought up to speed much faster, enabling them to become an valued asset for our customers.
  • We welcomed 4 new colleagues in the Data Visualization and Analytics team and all followed a training plan, depending on their experience and interest.  Experienced colleagues followed technical and soft skill courses to improve their professional competences.
  • During past year, we introduced “Talent Management” as a coaching technique.  Hereby we focus on the intrinsic motivation of our colleagues and hereby help them to excel in their daily tasks.  We ensure our colleagues are working in a context which is satisfying, energizing and inspiring for them.

    For more details, I refer to the blog posted earlier: Transform your job into your hobby! – Algorhythm (algorhythmblog.be)
  • We had our “monthly collaboration days” and several memorable team events and initiatives to strengthen our team feeling.  Check out our social media channel to catch a glimpse.

In 2023, we will continue the initiatives and strategy mentioned here above.

We laid a firm foundation with the competence centers and will continue investments on existing technology and more innovative trends.  A main trend we see is that big players in the data tend to offer data services in all disciplines (data storage, data engineering, data analytics, data reporting, data science, …), succeeding partially in that complete offering.  It will be interesting to explore the maturity evolution of each of these “whole package providers”.  On the other hand would it also be interesting to explore the interactivity of solutions of the different providers.

There are many technology opportunities to jump on and we will choose wisely which ones we will focus on. 

It will be again an inspiring and bright year !!!