Events & Webinars
EU Open data days 2021

Working in the public sector for the past years, I’ve grown interest in the sector. I was eager to know what other governments and EU institutions were doing with open data and data visualization. Are … Read more

Tips & tricks
Drill down navigation and default filters in Qlik Sense

oticed things that are straightforward in other visualization tools are not necessarily as straight forward in Qlik Sense. In this blog post I’ll go over some of those that I’ve noticed.

Validating & Analyzing Data in Tableau

Introduction Tableau is a tool which prides itself on being easy to use and support rapid development of different types of analyses for data. For this reason, I have frequently used it in different projects … Read more

Tableau Template Workbook

You maybe think: Creating dashboards is easy. But there is a difference between creating a single dashboard in a single style and creating several dashboards in the same style. For our client we were making … Read more

Adding a pop-up in TIBCO Spotfire

Introduction A pop-up window is usually a small window that opens in the foreground of the visual interface without the user selecting “New Window” from a program’s File menu. Pop-up menus provide quick access or … Read more