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Happy birthday to our Algorhythm blog

Sharing knowledge is an important value within Algorhythm. The idea of starting a blog community was a logic consequence to get the information into the world.

It’s been a year since we launched our first blog posts. Today, one year later we are proud to have more than 20 articles available.   

The blog is active in the 3 units of the Algorhythm company:

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Science
  • Data Visualization

We’ve been able to deliver nice content for these 3 domains within the past year divided into different categories like events & webinars, tips & tricks, use cases, …. .

Eager to learn more about data lakes or API’s in data integration? You can check these articles in the data engineering section.

Are you more interested in data science and for example ready to integrate a hugging face NLP model in Tableau with TabPy? This article and other great posts are available in the data science section.

Last but not least, the data visualization section has blog articles across different visualization tools like QlikSense, Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire & Power BI. These articles includes great tips & tips, best practices and inspiring insights so they are more than worth reading.

We have a great team of writers available to create this beautiful content. They work hard on their project(s) at the client and on top of that they share their experience in the different posts. Therefor a big shout out to the entire team! They make it possible to deliver new articles every month and share their latest information with us. And this first year was only the tip of the iceberg

Thank you for reading our publications. We will continue sharing information in the different domains and inform you about the best practices in the beautiful world of data.

So happy birthday to our Algorhythm blog, we had a great first year and many awesome, instructive years to come!